Thursday, 24 July 2008

Welsh Camp 08

Arrived back from Brecon Beacons yesterday, survived 5 nights in a tent. Fantastic time! A few highlights below....

Day 1 (Friday)- spent most of the day travelling on the coach, arrived and settled into tents. Ellie gets div of the day for stepping into the mud in dolly shoes and emerging with brown socks. She gets to wear the old ladies hat and blouse for the evening and at breakfast! Seaford Head beat Tideway in the relay races (depsite us only having one team and them having 7!) Everyone very lively and excitable that evening. Not much sleep!

Day 2 (Saturday)- A walk and talk about survival techniques in the morning. Caving in the afternoon. Couldn't see alot! Mr Vernon and myself at the back listening to the screams in front and feeling reassured with small children saying 'It's getting smaller!' Megan gets div of the day...Quote 'It looks like an alien, a bit like a snail without a shell'. That would be a slug Megan!

Day 3 (Sunday)- Raft building/Kayaking- Emma's team (our team!) won- we managed to get 8 people across the lake on our sturdy raft (named Bob?). Mr Vernon's team only got 2 people across in the not so sturdy raft. Mr Vernon remains dry for the raft building but manages to get soaked in kayaking (at last!) Laura gets div of the day for swinging on a branch (after being asked not to!) and falling into the river when it snapped! Hilarious to see!

Day 4 (Monday)- Rock Climbing all day- today is a dry day! Maddie is the star abseiler. Becky also a superstar at the rock climbing. Joe gets div of the day...the first boy to get it for being such a romantic all day! Reluctant to wear the gear at breakfast, wonder why?! Sam sets new chubby bunny record with 15 marshmellows in his mouth at once. Not only did he manage to say 'Chubby bunnies' 3 times, but he also managed to say thankyou and state what the record was! George wins the drinking competition. Downed a pint (of water ;)) in 11 seconds!

Day 5 (Tuesday)- Dingle Run (Gorge walking and assault course) in the morning. We all get soaking again, but i think Mr Thomas wins on the wet front! Mudfight was great. Canoeing in the afternoon. Lots of splashing, belly flopping and capsizing. Thanks Matt for stepping onto the side of my boat and sending me in! Certificates in the evening/presentations. Miss Llangorse competition. The girls give the boys a makeover. Martha (Matt), Samantha (Sam) and Joanna (Joe) looked great! Martha wins for her/his mannerisms! Disco (not alot of dancing going on) and more eating games and manhunt. No div of the day...plenty of entries but unfair to make you wear it to the disco!

Day 6- get up far too early and return to Seaford!

Thankyou Mr Thomas for organising, and to everyone involved for a fantastic trip! Have a fab summer!! Check out flickr for the photos (as promised!)

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