Saturday, 6 September 2008

Postcard Competition Update! How far did we travel this summer?

Here are the statistics...

•41 postcards were received
•15 different countries were visited, with most people holidaying in the United Kingdom and various countries in Europe. Italy, France, Turkey and Russia seemed to be most popular!
•We travelled to 4 different continents including North America, South America, Europe and Oceania.
•The total number of miles we travelled was 37,121
•The furthest distance travelled was by a member of staff, Miss Rose, to Australia
•The furthest distance travelled by a student was Megan Turk, to Turkey
•Pat White is well travelled, visiting 7 different countries and managing to think of a question to ask the students about each one!
•David Greaves calculated that he had travelled 2600 miles alone, to Southern California!

Postcard winners:
Staff- Miss Whiffin, Mrs White and Mr Page
Students- Naomi Ayres (8MCM), Zoe Charman (8MCM)and Megan Turk (Year 10)
Thanks to everyone who sent us a postcard! They will be on display in the millennium wing corridor at Steyne Site :)

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