Monday, 6 October 2008

Attention Year 8! Your work for today in the LRC...

The Aim of this lesson is to understand more about National Parks and to examine one National Park in more detail.

You need to use this National Park Website to complete your tasks. Click here.

Using the different Park Authority websites, choose a National Park and using the computer you can draw a leaflet, poster, factfile about it. You could find out the following:

1) Name your National Park
2) Where is it located in the UK? You could include a map!
3) When did it first become a National Park?
4) What is its size?
5) How many people visit the park?
6) Find out about accomodation, transport issues within the park, camping, different activities that can be done there.
7) How do they deal with tourists?
8) Any other information and include some pictures!

Sorry i can not be in the lesson today but i look forward to seeing your fantastic work!

Miss Smith :)

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