Monday, 27 October 2008

Fun packed weekend of Geography in Edinburgh!

I arrived back late last night from a fantastic weekend in Edinburgh, despite the rain and a poorly back/leg (which has now got worse because of all of the free stuff i carried back). A nice laminated satellite map from the GA, notebooks, pencils, badges, bags, globe stress balls, envelopes made from O.S maps, info on how to get a free seismometer for use in the classroom... and so much more which i am yet to look at! It was also great to meet up with SLNers again and meet new people.

Saturday was spent at the Edinburgh Academy where the annual SAGT (Scottish Association for Geography Teachers) conference took place- with the focus being 'Geography and The Media'.

Iain Stewart ('Earth: Power of the Planet' and 'Earth: Climate Wars' guy) delivered a lecture on 'Unnatural Hazards: Creating Cultures of Catastrophe'.

Mark Beaumont (the fastest man to circumnavigate the world on a bicycle) then gave a truly inspirational lecture based on his experiences.

I attended two fanatstic seminars by Alan Parkinson and Ollie Bray and picked up lots of new ideas based on how to use both the media and google earth in the classroom.

On Sunday I took the opportunity to visit Dynamic Earth- an interactive museum at the heart of Edinburgh that tells the story of our planet.

In the words of Val Vannet, 'The rest they say is...Geography!' Definately a quote for the classroom wall and to taunt Mr T after the half term! ;)

I look forward to making it next year! :)

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