Friday, 10 October 2008

Well done Year 11!!

I was really impressed with your efforts with coursework today... well done for using google earth tools as well, you made my day! ;) Keep this up and you will be just fine!

1. Ensure you are up to date (Introduction, 3 field sketches and a full set of notes for each of the 3 sites).
2. Complete sketch maps/tracing overlay of the Newhaven to Seaford 'Coastal system'.
3. Complete Wind Rose and Beach Profiles.

Any questions just send me your comments.

Miss Smith :)


charlotte said...

in the examples of the methodology section it says something baout the quesionnaire. i was just wondering if we needed to write about the questionnaire as we haven't covered it yet ?

Charlotte E said...

hi miss !
its me again, in class you said we should try and use a diagram to show how we carried out the beach profiles.... i have noticed that in your pictures of the trip on this site there is a picture of peope in the other geography class measuring a slope. would i be able to use that photo to show how it was done or would it be better to hand draw it ????

Miss Smith said...

Hi Charlotte,

In terms of the methodology, do not attempt the questionnaire yet as we are going to talk about this next lesson.

Secondly, i suggest that you draw a diagram anyway(include labels such as a Ranging pole, clinometer etc). The photo is quite useful. Since these boys are clearly identifiable in the photograph i will have to get permission from them first. When i have done this you can include that as an additional source.

Hope this helps! Any photographs you do use, remember to give them a title and annotate where possible.