Monday, 13 October 2008

Year 11 homework. All skills work due Thurs 16th!!

Ensure you are up to date with all coursework so far:

-Complete set of field notes for each site.
-3 field sketches (Friars Bay, Harbour Arm and Splash Point). Clearly annotated, title etc.
-Sketch map of the four sites and tracing overlay (Titles, Frame, North Arrow, Not to scale, key).
-Introduction that includes two maps of the area, at different scales (e.g. map of UK that highlights the area and local map of the four sites). Many of you have already used google earth for this, great! (see post further down on how to do this).
-Wind Rose, Beach Profiles and Dispersion graph to show pebble size.
-Methodology. (Remember: Not the questionnaires or secondary data yet!)

Ensure you include titles for maps, photos and images.

Coursework support sessions Tues after school 3:30pm (tomorrow!)/Thursday lunch time 1:30-2:00. Feel free to get your lunch and drop in after.

Any problems just comment!

Miss Smith :)

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