Thursday, 20 November 2008

Year 11 Coursework deadlines!

I have marked first drafts of coursework from everyone, well done. Some of you have parts missing and you must ensure that you are up to date by next Thursday. This will include ensuring you make the changes i have advised.

Homework from today: Ensure you have the results from at least 10 questionnaires and that you have referred to them in your methodology. Complete your analysis- i will be taking all of this in next Thursday to mark.

The deadline for your final draft coursework is Monday 1st December, so keep up to date and you will all be fine.

See you soon

Miss Smith :)


Anonymous said...

Hey miss, just to let you know iv read the homework :D Hope your ok, thankyou for coming in for our lessons, lots of other teachers wouldnt! Oh by the way its dani reynolds

Miss Smith said...

Thanks Dani :)