Sunday, 18 January 2009

Geography limericks!

Thanks to Mark Cowan again!


Doug998 said...

Howdy ... this might be a stoopit question, but are all those limericks in Mark Cowan's book? I couldn't see examples in the snippets available, but as a collector of limerick books, they are my primary interest.

Meanwhile, here's one of mine:

Spare a thought for the bear that is polar --
put the brakes on the carbon steamroller!
Having power is sure nice,
But we’re melting his ice!
Can’t we harvest a little more solar?

Thanks and best regards,

Doug Harris

Miss Smith said...

Hi Doug,

Thanks for that! Will publish in a moment. Mark post on SLN forum last night and i thought they were quite funny so thought i would host on the blog too!

Best Wishes

Liz :)