Thursday, 19 February 2009

Can the London 2012 games be sustainable?

Year 9 will soon be investigating the exciting event of London 2012! This involves learning about ‘personal geographies' do you regard the Olympics in relation to your own sporting activities and the spaces you frequent for exercise and sport?

This unit also involves learning about the role of the Games in selling London the place as a ‘World City’. You will also begin to investigate the social, economic and environmental regeneration at a local, regional and national scale. Here is the first of a series of short clips showing the impact of Olympic decision-making on a small business located on the Isle of Portland in South West England, where the sailing events are going to be held. Thanks to Noel Jenkins.

Impact of the 2012 Olympics on a local business from Noel Jenkins on Vimeo.
More details of the impacts on our own region of the South East here.

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