Thursday, 5 February 2009

Congratulations to Oscar Hardy, Year 11!

I mentioned before about Oscar's campaign for young mayor of Seaford and am pleased to announce that he has been elected. He received 358 votes. The Deputy Young Mayor will be Ellie Homan, who received 235 votes. The poll included 74% of students at Seaford Head, who had the opportunity to vote on line in the week beginning 25th January. Oscar and Ellie took part in a brief ceremony last Friday afternoon with Carolyn Lambert , Mayor of Seaford, a number of other local mayors and councillors and members of the college staff and students . Oscar received his chain of office and both took an oath of commitment. The two other candidates, Danielle Pope-Harwood and Vicky Smith, also attended and have been commended for taking part in the democratic process with such passion and determination. All four candidates have been invited by our local MP Norman Baker to visit the Houses of Parliament later in February.

Congratulations to Oscar and Ellie and look forward to their contribution to ensuring that young people are properly represented in the local council.

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