Monday, 23 February 2009

Support the Kili Climbers!

Mount Kilimanjaro is classed as a dormant volcano situated in northeast Tanzania near the Kenya border, rising in two snow capped peaks to 5, 895 metres above sea level. I conquered the 3 peak challenge- Ben Nevis (1,344 metres), Snowdon(1,085 metres) and Scafell Pike (978 metres). Kilimanjaro beats all of those put together! It would be like climbing Ben Nevis 5 times!

The team of Kili climbers include Chris Moyles, Fearne Cotton, Alesha Dixon, Ben Shepherd, Cheryl Cole, Denise Van Outen, Kimberley Walsh, Ronan Keating and Gary Barlow. As they make their way to the top the team will encounter almost every type of environment found on earth - from tropical rainforest and desert, to alpine meadows and arctic conditions. Kilimanjaro's summit is called Uhuru Peak which in English means 'Freedom'. On the peak itself there is a wooden box containing a book in which almost every individual to reach the summit has recorded their impressions of the world from the highest point on the African continent. Sponsoring the team means you're supporting Comic Relief in their work to help change the lives of people in real need across the UK and Africa. Like in Tanzania, the home of Mount Kilimanjaro, where Malaria kills thousands.

Once the climb is underway , a live blog direct from the mountain will appear here to follow them in their journey to the top of the highest peak in Africa. They will set off on 26th February and it will take them 8 days to complete the climb. The BBC has commissioned a documentary of the attempt, which will be shown on BBC One during the week leading up to Red Nose Day on 13th March 2009. More here.

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