Saturday, 25 April 2009

London 2012: An Olympics for the young people of the world?

Watched Britain's Got Talent earlier and visualised this group of dancers from Essex, 'Diversity', performing at the London 2012 opening ceremony. One of the reasons London won the Olympic bid was owing to the focus on young people, from around the world being inspired by Olympic sport to do sport and the positive effect that this would have on peoples’ futures around the globe. Lord Coe said that the purpose of the Games is to “inspire young people” and that “London’s multi-cultural mix of 200 nations represent the youth of the world”. I just thought that this group of dancers could help spread this message...

Do you think that the games will provide a lasting legacy of stadia that young people will aspire to perform in? Thinking about this message, what do you think could feature at the London 2012 opening ceremony?

On a slightly different note, I have that annoying song in my head from 'DJ Talent'. 'I say talent, Britain's got talent'. Grrr ;)

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