Sunday, 5 July 2009

Summer Competition...Geosquishing!

Am keeping this one at the top of the blog for a while!

Thanks to Vic Ellis for original idea and Emma Johns (SLN) for the prize idea!


GeoSquishing said...

Hey Miss Smith,

great to see another school running a GeoSquishing competition. I keep trying to get more traction with GeoSquishing, and would love for your students to post their squishes on Maybe we can even help out with the prizes?


Miss Smith said...

We can post the images on your site too. That would be fantastic- any prize help would be good!

GeoSquishing said...

Email me off of the geosquishing site and we can get something sorted out. Looking forward to seeing what some of your students come up with:)

Miss Smith said...

Have dropped you an email. Many thanks for this :)