Thursday, 13 August 2009

Sicily and Mount Etna!

I have not long returned from a week in Sicily and visited various places (Palermo, Catania, Taormina, Acireale), but was really excited about the expedition to the most prominent landmark: Mount Etna! The volcano is Europe's largest active volcano, at approximately 3,330 metres, it towers over the Ionian coastline.

Mount Etna is a stratovolcano made up of four summit craters and is surrounded by 200 major and secondary cones. At the base of Mount Etna we saw typical Sicilian vineyards and orchards on terraced slopes. Our bus stopped outside the village of Zafferana Etnea to enable our group to dismount. We then set off on foot and we reached Bove Valley, a depression on the eastern side of Etna (a caldera formed after a cone collapsed several thousand years ago). It was epic! Below is a bit of footage from my Flip cam!

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