Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas with the Royles...

The Queen made her annual Christmas speech yesterday, and with reference to the economic downturn and the ongoing troubles in Afghanistan, she suggested that 2009 was a year to be forgotten. The Queen praised the bravery and commitment of the Armed Forces and went on to highlight the important aspects of the Commonwealth. Just in case you missed it...

You may have also caught Christmas with the other Royle Family, where Barbara puts her foot down and orders Jim to spend their 50th wedding anniversary abroad. In Prestatyn!

I've noted a few geographical one liners...

Barbara- ‘I’d love to go abroad...Spain or Portugal, or the Bermuda Triangle. Somewhere lovely like that’.

Jim's response- ‘You’re not Michael Palin love, I mean what’s wrong with this country?’

Dave's take on the North/South Divide:
‘I’ve heard a lot about the North/South Divide. I fancy going there. Apparently you can see it from space!’

You can still catch the episode on BBC iplayer.

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