Monday, 11 January 2010

The Big Freeze: January 2010

Today, we have been discussing the continuing cold weather over the last week or so, understanding why it happened and discussing some of the impacts and responses around Britain.

(Image: NASA/GFSC, MODIS Rapid Response).

I have asked you to write about your experiences of the snow and freezing cold weather in the form of a blog post. Please leave your comments below and i look forward to reading them. Miss Smith :)


Anonymous said...

The snow came 5 days ago, last Wednesday, and isn't really showing any signs of going yet. Most schools closed including mine, but only after I'd walked down with my friend. It got harder and harder as the days went on, with blizards on Saturday.

I spent most of the time playing in it on the golf course near my home. There were loads of my friends there too. I didn't have a sledge but my friend let me use his and sometimes we were on it at the same time.

I also played in the garden with my brother and we had a big snowball fight. Then I made a snowman it was 5 foot tall.

Maddison said...

When it snowed on Wednesday me and my friend Honey went sledging at the Seaford golf course hole 18.
We had a great time sliding down the hill but not the venture up.
I didn't have a sledge so i used my body board, it was sooooo fun.

While we were there it started snowing again, it was snowing so hard that we had to go home since the snow got in our eyes. After sledging we went back to have a cup of tea and cakes, and then Honey had to go home, Leaving me on my own.

And that was what I did on the days it snowed!

Anonymous said...

The snow came last Wednesday, about 5 or 6 days ago and it isn't really melting that much yet. We had a blizard on Saturday and it became almost impossible for anybody to go anywhere, especially by car or bus and also slippery on foot.
Most schools have been closed for a while and mine was too. The schools have only really just started to open up again but with late starts and early finishes.
On Wednesday I spent most of my day inside because of the fear of slipping. But in the afternoon I walked to the golf course to walk my dog as it is near to where I live.
On Thursday it was still a couple of inches deep outside and didn't do much either except shoveling outside on my road.
On Friday I spent most of my time at the Seaford Head golf course, sledging with my friend as it was starting to look brighter. But just as Saturday came another heavy blizard came our way and that ment cold nights and boring days again for us.
On sunday though it was becoming more clear in the sky and so we went to school on monday but started late and finished early.
I hope that the snow clears away soon as then we can get back to our normal routine and not have to worry about breaking anything on the way to school!

Anonymous said...

the snow came on wednesday, my school was closed and i went to chalvington fields with a few of my friends. It was still snowing on thursday, i went to the salts and played in the snow with my friends, it was freezing cold but worth going out. on friday i went to chalvington fields again with a few more people and played on the ramps. and Finally on saturday and sunday i went sledging at seaford head golf course, i brang a metal tray and it went really fast!
by harry k

Anonymous said...

I went sledging down a smooth but steep hill in Newhaven-Denton. I went down on a red and a blue sledge and i went about 30mph down the hill. It was really slippery and my dad got whiplash whilst going down on the red sledge with me. When I was walking up the hill I made a massive snow ball and threw it at my brother what knocked him over back down the hill. My mum screamed all the way down. I went sledging on the 8th,9th,10th January 2010 with my family. by Todd Cotterill

Anonymous said...

On wednesday 6th i woke up to a small amount of snow covering the ground. Me and my friend walked down to school to find that it was closed so i went back to her house before going sledging and building a snowman. As the day went on it started to snow heavier making my walk home rather cold.

I spent lots of my days of sledging with her and others with some other friends having snow ball fights and building snowmen at a golf corse near us.

It was great fun and i hope it snows soon.

Anonymous said...

Hattie- Class 7E:
During the snow days this year i have been having lots of fun playing in the snow.
Me and my next door neighbour built a snow man outside our front gardens, we also went sledging down one of the hills at seaford head golf course. I also went sledging and built another snow man with my best friend round her house when we had a sleepover. I think having snow is good because children get to have alot of fun and time off school! But i also think it is bad to have snow because quite alot of accidents happen on the road and alot of people get hurt by slipping on ice and snow!

Naomi (7C) said...

I spent a lot of the time sledging and generally having fun. On Saturday there was a mini blizzard and I spent a lot of the day indoors. In the evening, as the snow began to stop we went for a walk and as the A259 was closed we found some people who had come down it and were unable to get up Friston Hill. After spending the night with us they were helped up the hill by the Community Responder team. It was fun to have time off school but I am glad the snow has melted as there were a lot of nasty accidents on Friston Hill, so now the snow has melted partly it should be less risky.

Anonymous said...

Bronwyn 7c,
Last wednesday, when school was closed,I went sledging with my brother and dad, we went onto seaford head golf course and found some really good slopes to go down. After about an hour it started to snow quite heavily and we all got cold and the snowflakes stung our cheeks ad eyes so we decided to go home and warm up so on the way we went into morrisons and bought some hot chocolate, it tasted lovely. After we had warmed up we went into the garden for a bit and made a mini snowan about 3feet high.

Anonymous said...


On Wednesday I went to the golf course and went sledging and it was really fun. We did that for a full 4 hours I did the same thing on Thursday and Friday, too.

On Saturday we were snowed in and so we stayed at home and my family and I made a snowman that was 5 feet tall on Sunday we stayed in again and got things ready for school and then we went sledging again at 5 at night until 6.30

Natasha (7c) said...

I went sledging every day with my sister and i LOVED it! Then i came home and drank hot chocolate with tons of whipped cream and chocolate! gorgeous xx :)

Anonymous said...

(:On the first day of the snow week I woke up and had a bad thought in my head "oh no, another day of school!" I got up and opened my curtains to see a winter wonderland.:) I was so excited as it had snowed over night! I went on my laptop and went on the school website and also turned on the radio to see if our school was on the school closure list. The school hadn't made up it's mind yet but I was hoping that it would be closed. Suddenly my friends mum phoned us up and said that the schhol was closed, me and my sisters were really pleased, also my brothers school was closed aswell! Me, my mum, my dad, my brother and 2 sisters wrapped up warm and had breakfast and set off to some steep fields to go sledging with our new sledge. We had a great time sledging but got quite cold. After sledging we went home and had a hot chocolate, and snuggled up on the sofa, we watched some telly and had dinner. After we got warm we went back outside and made a big snowman (the size of me!)I wished it snowed every day! LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!:)By Sophie:)xxx

jamie said said...

the snow

on wednesday when it snowed i went
of to chynton park with all my freinds and played football and had a massive snowball fight also i went round georges to sleepover i had a great time.

on thursday i stayed at my house and built an iglu and a snowman it was freezing and i caught a cold.

jamie prodger

Anonymous said...

on wednesday when it snowed i went out with my brother and my friend and we made a masive ramp and a snowman what got kied down.

On satuday i went sledging down seaford head golf cours with my family it was cool apart from when my brother throw a lump of ice at me

kieren swinden 7C

georgia said...

on wednesday when it snowed me and my friend nicole allen went sledging down seaford golf course were we found all of our other mates on the top hill.
me and nicole went down on a sledge together at first she went in front and i went at the back.
it was amazing how fun it could be.
the second time we went down, i was on the front and nicole took the safe option of the back.
knowing nicole she lent foward and the sledge came from under us:i was not happy i had cut and brused my lip and my nose bled.
as you can see i had a LOT OF FUN!

Anonymous said...

Jasmin (7C)
I loved the snow because there was no school!1 bt then after a whie it became annoying. I went outside to play and make a snow man which was fun.There was no sighn of the snow leaving but on the weather forcast it said that it would get warmer (which i thought wouldent happen.)

But It was a nice break from school and it was really fun! but im glad its back to normal...

Anonymous said...

I went down to the golf course with caitlan on the first day then we saw her sister and her friends so we hanged round with them
The next day i went to the field with honey and her mum and dad and little sister Tabby.On the last day of snow me and caitlan went down the park with william and mason and george.f and george.h and kyle.

Dionne Lee 7c