Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Trip to the Royal Geographical Society...

I joined PGCEs from both the University of Brighton and Sussex yesterday at the Royal Geographical Society, located in Kensington, London- on Exhibition Road.

This is the first time i have visited the society and enjoyed being shown the 'Hot and Cold' exhibits and learning about the collections and archives held by the RGS. Maps and artefacts from famous explorers like Captain Scott, Ernest Shackleton, David Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanley were on show. I saw George Mallory's boot that was taken from his mummified foot- 75 years after his death on Mt Everest and Shackleton's Burberry balaclava worn during his expedition of Antarctica in 1907!

Also visited the Natural History Museum (although not for long, due to half term and too many people!)

Thanks to my ex-subject tutor, Melanie Norman, for inviting me along!

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