Tuesday, 20 April 2010

KS3 Geography homework: Term 5

Your extended homework task is to prepare a news presentation on Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull Volcano to answer the following questions:

How can a volcano in Iceland disrupt international travel across a large proportion of the world?

Which individuals and organisations are the winners and losers of the ban on air travel?

You can work individually or in pairs

You must include the following content:
• Location of the volcano
• Causes of the eruption
• The reasons for the volcanic ash cloud
• The impact of wind and weather patterns on the flow of the ash cloud
• The areas of flight travel affected
• Winners and losers – with reasons
• It would be great to get some real case studies of people affected

• BBC news website
• Information from the geography lesson on the volcano

Your presentation should be at least 3 minutes long and must include you standing up and presenting along with a script or PowerPoint to support you.

How your work will be marked:
You will judged on the following Personal Learning and Thinking Skill – Independent Enquiry.

Work will also be self assessed and peer assessed. A successful news report will demonstrate the following skills:
-Identify questions to answer and problems to resolve
-Plan and Carry out research
-Explore issues, events or problems from different perspectives
-Analyse and evaluate information, judging it's relevance and value

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