Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Monumite...love it or hate it?

Having spent a few days in my home town of Burton-Upon-Trent, I came to notice a slight change in the landscape. They have installed a Marmite monument (costing £15,000), nicknamed 'Monumite', closeby to the River Trent. Love it or hate it? Ah Burton!

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Daz said...

Love Marmite, love the sculpture. I reckon my wife will hate both though. Marmite because she thinks it tastes disgusting, the sculpture because she'd know that I'd be one of those embarrassing adults posing for pictures.

I'd like to go back to Burton. We used to go quite a bit before we got married but we tend to go abroad now. I've never had a pint as good as those I've had in Burton though!