Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Year 8 students visit the University of Brighton!

Year 8 students visited the Faculty of Education at the University of Brighton last week and were lucky enough to experience some great geography sessions. Students attended hourly sessions based on relevant topics such as Crime mapping using the new police website, Population density, The European Union, What makes a good news report? Also, a lesson that was absolutely rubbish ;) See the photo below! It was great for the students to experience the environment of a higher education establishment and many of them were left feeling overwhelmed with how much they had learned. It also provides trainee teachers with the opportunity to gain experience of planning for and working with gifted and talented students. Thanks again to Mel Norman and the PGCE Geography students at the University of Brighton for organising such a great day.

A lesson on the importance of reducing waste...

A lesson about population density...something that will hopefully prove useful for when they study for their GCSE!

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