Sunday, 22 June 2008

Year 7 'rock' at Birling Gap!

During Friday afternoon (13th June), 30 Year 7 students visited Birling Gap, a small coastal hamlet in East Sussex on the South Downs. Activities included receiving a talk from the local education officers of the National Trust, and fieldwork activities on the beach studying processes of erosion. Students also took part in a public enquiry. This involved them representing various interested groups including ‘Tourists’, ‘National Trust’, ‘Local Residents’ and ‘Local Businesses’. Each group had to argue for or against the construction of sea defences at this important location. This was a particularly engaging activity which encouraged some lively debate. It is great to give you the opportunity to enhance your local knowledge, and very lucky you are in Seaford!

Student comments:
Jacob Clay- I enjoyed going to the café and I liked the group work on the beach.

Rachel Gaffney- I enjoyed doing the role play because I could work with people from different classes who I wouldn’t normally work with and it was fun!

Michael Jaundoo- It was great fun, I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot.

George Dutton- I enjoyed learning about how the coastline at Birling Gap is retreating by 1 metre each year and learning about coastal management schemes.

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