Sunday, 21 September 2008

Geography on the telly...

Some TV programmes to look out for...

Sundays 9-10pm BBC 2- Earth: Climate Wars. Dr Iain Stewart explores why there is confusion over what changes climate change will bring.

Sun 21 Sep- BBC 4 9-9:50pm- Killer Whale: A Wildlife Special
In its natural environment, the six-ton killer whale is the ocean's top predator, capable of attacking and killing even the biggest of its counterparts, while those in captivity are gentle and playful animals. David Attenborough travels across the world in search of these mammals, and looks for evidence of their two-sided personalities.

Mondays- 9-10pm BBC 2- Amazon with Bruce Parry. Fits in with our work on Brazil in Year 8! The former Royal Marine takes part in a wild football match as he continues his adventure along the Amazon. He learns a new way of fishing during a stay with the Achuar people, who have only had contact with the outside world for 40 years, and tries one of the ritual drugs of the community. There's also a chance for him to witness first-hand the effects of the exploitation of the land's riches.

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