Sunday, 21 September 2008

Geography trip to Iceland- a trip of a lifetime!!!!

The Geography department want you to experience a unique landscape with volcanoes, geysers, icecaps and lagoons. How about Iceland for 5 days (July 18th-22nd)?

Do you fancy bathing in the amazing Blue Lagoon? Fancy venturing onto an actual glacier? How about a walk to the crater rim of the volcano, Eldfell. I can promise you this trip will fill you with excitement, a sense of awe and wonder, geographical memories that will last a lifetime!

Iceland 09
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The cost of this trip will be £989. Although expensive this really is a superb chance to experience some fantastic sights, sounds and natural phenomena that are unique to Iceland. There are only a set number of places available. There will be a parents information evening to follow shortly after i have received deposits.

For more information about Iceland and example of what other schools do, click here.


seamus said...

it looks fantastic{love to go}

seamus lang 7ajb

Miss Smith said...

It is an amazing opportunity Seamus!! See you next lesson :)