Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Hello Year 10!!!

Funky Geog starter...

I was impressed with your questions and responses to the image of the baby girl this morning, e.g. Do they care? Is it an MEDC or LEDC? Are they promoting contraception? Does this represent fear of the government? Are women second class citizens? Does this happen alot? etc. Well done!

The One Child Policy in China can be used as a case study example for how a country has attempted to manage it's population growth, so hopefully you will remember the key points; Why did China need a strategy to manage population growth? What did the policy involve? What were the effects on China and its population? Was it a success?

If you were the Chinese government, how would you manage the population? What would be your rules that families must follow? One example is propaganda...click here to see those posters again.

Here are a couple of alternative ways to control population (Great find Alan Parkinson!)

Which one do you prefer?

Miss Smith :)

P.S. I will remember next lesson, i promise. I wrote it down this time ;)


Anonymous said...

I prefer the first video as people will remember it and think about it! Adam Sage 10MPB

Anonymous said...

Yea i agree with adam , People will remember it

James 10JAE

Anonymous said...

The first one really sticks in your mind and really makes you "want" to have a kid. The second one is just plan weird and very repetitive, it does get the message across, but it does go on for a long, long time and repeats over and over again.

Rob C 10DHE

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others...The first one gets the point accross in a sufficient way...The second one was really weird...and way too long...I didn't watch all of it...because this...!

Emma 10DHE

Anonymous said...

Ok so the first ones alright but the second one is just scary. It's a bit too extreme and I feel sorry for those men dressed up and dancing. The first one was quick and it got the point across like the others said.

Kat 10BME

Anonymous said...

I think the first one gets to the point and has a clear message however the second one is long an people wont take it seriously. Rebecca Winter 10JGA

Anonymous said...

yeah they are all right because that second one is really weird and the fisrt one gets the point across well.

Jack B 10JGA

Anonymous said...

I think the first one is better because it is shorter and more to the point.However I'm not sure a toddler having a tantrum is going to really put people off having children. The second one is really long and not many people are going to sit and watch it.

Milly 10JAE