Friday, 3 April 2009

Year 11!

Bringing this one back to the top for you- A list of case studies that you will have studied in class- for your revision. Remember- What? Where? When? Why? Who? There will be others that you may well have collected in your portfolios and be able to apply to the different topics.

It was lovely to see you all yesterday and great to see that you all demolished your creme eggs within seconds! Many thanks for the photo and is a lovely reminder of you all and it has taken pride of place! I will try to make it in for results day too. Take care, good luck and all the best for the future!
GCSE Case Studies GCSE Case Studies Liz


Charlotte E said...

Hey Miss,

Thank you so much for coming in to see us all on thursday and thanks for the cadburys creme eggs ! (i think i speak for the whole class when i say we enjoyed them very much).
We all hope you enjoy your present!
Get well soon !!

Miss Smith said...

Hi Charlotte,

It was lovely to see you, i loved the photo and frame, it must have taken a lot of effort for you all to get that done for me- lucky to have taught you! Glad you liked the creme eggs! Have a lovely easter. Got a date for the surgery in May today! Want to make it to your results day too. All the best and stay in touch- anything you need email me.

Miss Smith :)