Sunday, 1 November 2009

QR Codes: Can you decode this?

QR stands for ‘Quick Response’ as the creator intended the code to allow its contents to be downloaded at a high speed. It is very popular in Japan and is starting to catch on in Europe.

The idea is that with a mobile phone which has a camera, you can scan a QR code, and be taken to a website, or be given a phone number or piece of text.

Your phone will need a camera and a QR Code Reader so that you can decode them....

If you have an iphone, download Neo-reader for free from the Apps store. If you have a recent Nokia phone, you are likely to have a QR code reader pre-installed - check in the Office bit of your phone menu.

You can download a reader for many mobile phones- type "QR code reader" and the model of your mobile phone into Google. Alternatively, here is a website that provides a link to readers for other types of mobiles.

Once you've got your QR code reader sorted, have a go at decoding this....



Anonymous said...

Geography rocks my world baby!, hey miss i found a coder on the internet which can decode it without putting it on a mobile!

From joe craddock ;)

Miss Smith said...

Great stuff Joe :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Smith!
i found a reader called kaywa reader. it says "geography rocks my world baby" lol no it doesn't
it took about 10 clicks to get it right :(
from Ishtiaq Ali

Miss Smith said...

Excellent Ishtiaq. Pleased you have found it :)